Statamic for Laravel Devs at Laracon AU 2023

Published December 14th, 2023

Laracon AU 2023 was held in Sydney, Australia on 16th and 17th November, at the ARA Darling Quarter Theatre, and I was thrilled to be one of the speakers at this year’s event, with my talk “Statamic for Laravel Devs”.

It was a look at what Statamic is, how it fits in to the Laravel ecosystem, why it can be a great fit for an existing app, and a bit of a demo getting up and running with a blog in an existing Laravel app (because who doesn’t like live coding?). It was also an opportunity to share what we, at Mity Digital, have learnt by streamline our dev processes to work solely within the Laravel and Statamic ecosystems.

With so much to get through in so little time – and a cracker of an opening hype track – I hope everyone found some value, tidbit or excitement in what was shared: even if it was just the donuts. Yeah, the demo app was a Livewire app all about donuts – as much built for Laracon as it was for me to get my hands stuck in to a practical Livewire example.

Recorded from Laracon AU

The best bit: even if you didn’t get to Sydney yourself, you can watch it now – all of the speaker talks are coming up on YouTube:

Want the code?

During the talk, I demoed the app: a great way to find the best donuts. Disclaimer: it’s all fake data, but if you have brilliant donuts recommendations, let me know.

Do you want to have a look at a more polished version of the app with Statamic installed? I’ve got you sorted: you can check out the code on Github.

The app branding

The app code includes:

  • the basic Livewire app

  • Statamic installed on top

  • A fully functioning blog, with focal cropping on images

  • Nav configured within Statamic (with a custom Laravel Route fieldtype)

  • A "settings" Global for the Footer copyright text

  • Content pages, such as Privacy Policy and Contact

  • Runway for viewing/editing Eloquent models in Statamic, by the incredible Duncan McClean

  • Bard Ipsum, by the awesome Jack Sleight

You can clone this to your local system, and run a few commands to get up and running - all of the details are in the app’s readme.

It’s not production ready, and I actually used this opportunity to learn more about Livewire 3 - so no doubt things could be done better: but its purpose is to show how Statamic can fit in to an existing Laravel app.

There are also instructions to help you create a Statamic user to log in to Statamic’s CP (Control Panel) so you can have a play with an already-setup Statamic site. It’s a basic setup, but shows a few neat and interesting things that might inspire you for your own Statamic sites.

Let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear from you, and if you have any queries or want to continue the conversation, let’s have a chat.

I’m excited that Laracon AU will return in 2024, and look forward to attending again: each and every presentation was exciting, engaging and I took so much away from the two day event.

Marty Friedel speaking at Laracon AU 2023
Marty Friedel speaking at Laracon AU 2023
Marty Friedel speaking about Statamic at Laracon AU 2023
Marty Friedel speaking at Laracon AU 2023
Marty Friedel speaking about Statamic's
Marty Friedel speaking at Laracon AU 2023

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