Marty Friedel

About Marty (that's me!)

Hi, I’m Marty and I'm a web developer in Adelaide, Australia.

I am co-owner of Mity Digital, a specialist digital agency in Melbourne and Adelaide. I’m a little geeky, a little nerdy, but all-round nice guy (so I’m told). I love pulling my sleeves up and getting stuck into some serious coding.

After high school, I spent time at the University of South Australia earning two degrees – a Bachelor of Computer and Information Science and a Bachelor of Media Arts (Interactive Multimedia/Web Development). While the system.out.println of Java is no longer in my eyes, the object oriented software development skills and database logic skills from the computer science component, paired with the focus on usability and accessibility on the interactive multimedia side have given me the structure and concepts to become an object-oriented programmer for the web, as well as give me the ability to work as both a back-end and front-end developer.

As of 2023, I’ve spent 22 years as a full-stack developer, professionally developing PHP-based websites. For the backend, I’m firmly planted in the Laravel ecosystem, and for the frontend, I'm all about responsive layouts, efficient code and optimised performance. These days I'm loving Laravel, Statamic, Vue and Tailwind CSS: these amazing tools have made me a happier and more efficient coder.

For me, the biggest opportunity exists to help make the end user’s experience better - maybe requiring less clicks, or maybe a better workflow - but developing something special is so rewarding. I take so much pride in the quality of my work – from a coding perspective through to debugging and the user experience – and write intelligent code to get the job done.

You can find out more about my professional life on LinkedIn.

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