Running Away

Running Away

Published August 13th, 2017

I've got so much cool music that I've bought over the years... including some pretty sweet deep house, progressive house, progressive trance, and everything in between. And after this 14, I still have dozens of tracks to play with for other mixes.

So we're going for a progressive/deep house/trance feel here. There are some awesome instrumentals, as well as great vocals, all set to a cruisey 124 bpm.

  1. No Way Back Up (Original Mix) - Dan Sieg feat. Illuminor

  2. Running Away - Way Out West feat. Eli & Fur

  3. Then Love Laughed (Slow Fish Remix) - Kenneth Thomas and Aura Wolfe

  4. Libertad (Original Mix) - Luiz B and Vitodito

  5. Make Me Feel Better (Club Edit) - Alex Adair

  6. What I Need (Right Here Right Now) (Original Mix) - Dasco feat. Justina Maria

  7. RIVA (Restart The Game) (Original Mix) - Klingande feat. Broken Back

  8. Palm Paradise (Original Mix) - Veeshy

  9. Wonder Why (Original Mix) - Steve Brian pres. Cabriolet Paris

  10. We Move Forward (Original Mix) - The Midnight

  11. Run (Lost Frequencies Remix Extended) - Emma Bale

  12. Don't You Worry Child (Charming Horses Remix) - Beth

  13. Las Cosas Del Joder (Original Mix) - Vitodito

  14. Sweetness + Light (Club Mix) - The Overview Effect feat. Luke Chable

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