Into My Arms

Published January 3rd, 2023

It's been a while since I've made a mix, and was collating a number of different styles and tempos, and this playlist is the one that grabbed me and drew me in - it is a bit darker, and slower, but maybe that's a reflection on me? From a shortlist of nearly 30 tracks, some new tracks, and some that have been on the to-use list for a while, this setlist stayed in its darker roots, and other tracks got shifted to more work-in-progress playlists with a slightly lighter and laid back vibe.

  1. Air (Jordin Post Extended Remix) - Julian Gray & 28mm & Forts

  2. Into My Arms (Extended Mix) - Emma Hewitt x Markus Schulz

  3. Close Enough (Extended Mix) - Corren Cavini feat. The Ultraverse

  4. Grouplove (Extended Mix) - Arden & Yotto

  5. Fading (Extended Mix) - Paige, Nihil Young & Beacon Bloom

  6. Magic (Cubicore Extended Remix) - Thomas Gold feat. Jillian Edwards

  7. These Hands I Hold (Roddy Reynaert Remix) - Greg Downey & Bo Bruce

  8. Remind Me Why (Extended Mix) - Amy Wiles & Matt Fax feat. Mirror Machines

  9. That Feeling (Extended Mix) - Jackarta

  10. Let Me Out (Extended Mix) - Capa feat. Luke Coulson

  11. Should Have Seen It Coming (Yotto Extended Mix) - Franky Wah feat. AETHO

  12. Darling Midnight (BT Extended Remix) - Shingo Nakamura x Brandon Mignacca

  13. Run To You (Extended Mix) - AVIRA feat. Grace Ackerman

  14. Wreck My Head (Extended Mix) - Corren Cavini feat. YSA

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